Brötzmann/Drake/Parker on June 1st commodified


Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend More than cool reason ever comprehends.

Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.

Do we at the cm5 believe that presenting creative music is a form of business or a commodity of some sort? Not really. In truth, how we achieve getting acclaimed artists deep into the American South is best personified as an extended baroque performance with a sliver of pathos. Can we use all of our marketing of a cm5 concert as this kind of active commentary on challenging expression in music in our community? Until you implore us to stop or boycott our events, you embolden us.

We have sold concert posters in the past and this year we believe that a concert ticket can act as a horizontally transformative object. It’s a reminder to attend, pinned to your refrigerator. As it moves along the timeline, it becomes a contract for successful passage as a preferred witness to visceral, creative music. Then, with a razor knife or scissors and two folds, this becomes a desktop memento of your well-curated extension into the other. You’ve attended another one of these shows. Your line-of-sight ticket turned concert diorama becomes a memory trigger and a reminder of how you’ve progressed. Or maybe it signals aspirational thoughts of where you’d like to head. That’s twenty dollars, please- at Park Avenue CDs in Orlando or online here. Or twenty-four dollars at the door on June 1st.

If you attended last year’s Peter Brötzmann/Joe McPhee concert, you may recall this nostalgic and edible nugget. It’ll be back on June 1st.

brotzmann machine gun art

The Peter Brötzmann Octet Machine Gun album is, aural and visual, one of the iconic statements of 1960′s new jazz music. Celebrate Peter Brötzmann’s return to the tourist destination with a suitably commemorative gift shop-style homage. cm5′s Machine Gun Pepper Sauce isn’t some simple, sports bar dork challenge device, though. The pepper sauce taste mirrors the layers of sonic sophistication that we’ll present in concert, while the artwork triggers a Fair Use Parody clause. Probably to the chagrin of Wayne La Pierre and Jim Porter, we turn the .30 caliber water-cooled barrel MachineGunSauceinto a capsicum-centric gastric projectile guide. A tasty, philanthropic, swords to plowshares memento awaits. $10 donation for each (now 8 oz.!) jar. 



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