Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Live Set Stream- Thursday, August 13th


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith premieres the live set for her album “The Mosaic of Transformation” on August 13th at 9:30 pm ET/6:30pm PT. Join in on the North American stream where a portion of proceeds will benefit Black Trans Femmes in the Arts and Civic Minded 5/Timucua Arts. 


The Civic Minded 5 has a ceremonial history of perks and totems to accompany our events. Why stop now? This happens when you purchase this concert through the Civic Minded 5/Timucua Arts link:

1) A $5 discount code to our rescheduled March 21st, 2021 Terry & Gyan Riley concert. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s shared admiration for Terry Riley directly led to a long-term lend of rare Buchla modular synthesis- her first interface with electronics. 

2) A raffle entry to win a privately-donated Kaityln Aurelia Smith- The Mosaic Of Transformation Vinyl LP/Listening Book/Listening Cards set from the design titans at Ghosty International. 

3) Part of your $15 streaming purchase benefits Civic Minded 5/Timucua Arts Foundation. 

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