Improvisers, agents of repurpose at Urban ReThink, Sunday, 10/23

Sunday, October 23rd
An evening of experimental, avant-garde and improvised music. @ Urban ReThink, 625 E. Central Blvd., Orlando
7:30 to 9:30 pm, cash donations encouraged  

Since the installation of the cm5’s own Pat Greene as Director Of Programming at Urban ReThink, the exuberant and sometimes exasperating sonic sports of improvising has found a welcoming homebase. At this week’s beginning, we were treated to some brief concepts and good practices for improvisers, delivered by Roscoe Mitchell– one of the form’s legends.  Sunday evening’s events will include one of Mitchell’s Associate Artists in Residence- reedist Jeff Kimmel, unofficially extending the Atlantic Center For The Arts’ Roscoe Mitchell residency back into Orlando for the second swipe this week alone. Kimmel will perform with technological scrapheap repurposing, sonic scofflaw Aaron Zarzutzki and Jacksonville reedist Jamison Williams. Orlando improvising stalwarts Kris Gruda, guitar and reedist Jim Ivy– another from cm5’s own ranks, are joined by reedist Cole Lee.

Kris Gruda

Like most truly honest relationships, improvising events like these are uneven affairs, prone to laughter and a bit of pain from time to time, with this variant garnering a cm5 recommends tag. 

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