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Mary Halvorson Septet at Timucua white house- Monday, July 1st

The Atlantic Center For The Arts, in conjunction with the Timucua Arts Foundation and the Civic Minded 5 present Mary Halvorson Septet- Florida Monday, July 1st Timucua white house 2000 S. Summerlin Ave., Orlando 7:30 pm concert, free admission, all ages welcome “…Mary Halvorson is the most future-seeking guitarist working right now, thinking out the instrument on a … Continue reading

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Rivers And Rhythms: A Sam Rivers Radio Retrospective

Here’s another cultural submission from an old friend and Boston émigré Brian Carpenter. Brian was the producer of the Gainesville Jazz Festival and the leader of the jazz ensemble Beat Science during his time in Florida. On one return to our blazing climes, his innovative and entertaining Beat Circus ensemble was presented by the cm5 during a tour for … Continue reading

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Sam Rivers/Rivbea Orchestra- Trilogy box set recommendation

I can’t help in reveling in the fact that a certified, filigreed jazzbo could have a local yokel in Orlando claim to have seen Sam Rivers’ Rivbea Orchestra dozens of times and there be no hyperbole in the statement. Soon after Rivers’ 1991 arrival in Orlando, he made his initial orchestra rehearsals (much to my … Continue reading

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Tatsuya Nakatani, David Pate and Kevin Stever at Timucua white house- Sunday, February 19th

Sunday, February 19th One And One (And One) Series Tatsuya Nakatani, David Pate and Kevin Stever @ the Timucua white house 2000 S. Summerlin St., Orlando 7:30 pm, free admission Presented by the Civic Minded 5 and the Timucua Arts Foundation This visit from percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani– one of our favorite anomalies- will be his third … Continue reading