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The Civic Minded 5 concerts at the Timucua white house and Park Avenue CDs have been gratis to all comers. Amazing, yes? That’s our favored way to present a concert – no tickets, no hand wringing over the paid attendees and no judging artists’ inherent value based on sales or cost.  It seems like we’ve created the perfect world, however there’s always a catch, isn’t there? Nearly all cm5 shows feature touring musicians. Our shows at the Timucua white house have included artists traveling from Japan, Germany and The Netherlands.

Yes, this is a sponsors page and conversely, a pitch to join in the process of turning the potential into the reality of more cm5 events. If you’ve seen a cm5 concert, there are artists’ fees, lodging, meals and travel costs to make the unlikely scene that we’ve created likely. Donating U.S. dollars for cm5 shows is where the rubber hits the road and gets the music to Orlando. All of our donations run through the Timucua Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. That means your kindness via currency can be written off on your taxes if you’re in the U.S. Neither the cm5 or Timucua Arts Foundation have any paid employees or contractors. All funds donated go to the primary functions of putting on an event – those artists’ fees, lodging, food, travel, piano tuning, etc. You can become a patron by making a donation of any size via Paypal or by dropping a check in the post. It’s important to mention Civic Minded 5 or cm5 to get your donation earmarked specifically for one of our shows. Convinced and ready? Here, then:
 Leave your address and receive a receipt for your act. And thank you.


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