Stream The ROVA At Timucua Arts Archive

There is an uncertainty regarding which concert is cm5’s first. Many of the co-founding members were involved a short, brightly burning run of concerts run out of WPRK-FM by enterprising DJs along with the station management as critical facilitators. One of those big wins was ROVA at Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College back in 1996.

We were feeling lucky that ROVA was playing here back in 1996 and that there was a sizable audience witnessing the quartet playing the Knowles Chapel like a fifth instrument. We invited ROVA back for our 100th concert in 2018 with all parties involved knowing full well how thoroughly this quartet would use Benoit’s acoustic design in Timucua Arts to full advantage. It seemed fitting.

Larry Ochs of ROVA chats Timucua acoustics and working in the arts in 2020

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