Michel Doneda and Tatsuya Nakatani at Gallery at Avalon Island- Saturday, December 12th

The Civic Minded 5, Timucua Arts Foundation
and Gallery at Avalon Island present
Michel Doneda and Tatsuya Nakatani
Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Gallery at Avalon Island
39 S. Magnolia Ave, Orlando
7:00 pm doors, 8:00 concert
Donations encouraged,
all ages welcome

December is traditionally a notoriously difficult month to present touring creative music acts. You’re busy, we’re busy. Institutions- powering down for the season- are the usual financial backbone on the schedule. This year we make up for the past years’ whiffs with two December post-idiomatic duo concerts at Gallery at Avalon Island. The Secret, radiation from the relative proximity of so many E-Meters or Chance? *cm5 shrug*

Show #1: Each of four previous Tatsuya Nakatani visits have featured a variation on a theme of his seemingly continuous percussion road show. Solo percussion with less gongs, Solo percussion with more gongs, improvising with David Pate on reeds and Kevin Stever on double bass and piano, then the confounding duo with Eugene Chadbourne where Nakatani gets the vocal nod on Folsom Prison Blues.

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Nakatani is creative, improvised music’s Duke Ellington meets Black Flag roadhog. Those neo-ubiquitous crews appeared in your town and everyone else’s, too. Ellington had the custom railroad sleeping car for his orchestra. Black Flag had Get In The Van. Tatsuya has his meridian-hopping Dodge Sprinter complete with a sleeper rack and a kitchen capable of inspiring a Food Network series.The percussionist brings Premier League improvising music to places on and off the new music grid. Like Ellington and Black Flag, the touring goes on for contiguous months by doing it all. One night in the week, it’s the Kennedy Center. Days later, it’s the Bug Tussle Center for Rheumatis Research or some such cultural psychic center.


Michel Doneda- in arms retracted mode

French soprano/sopranino saxophonist Michel Doneda is In The Van for three months of Nakatani’s Sprinter The Earth 2015™ tour. Doneda came to prominence in the early 1980’s. He, like U.S. ex-pat to France soprano player Steve Lacy, used jazz as the jumping off point, developing proprietary techniques not appearing on the college jazz department radar screens. Doneda’s improvisations have been refined and defined as his, post-Coltrane, Lacy, Rivers, etc. soprano lineage by an Inspector Gadget arm’s length. French labels NATO and Potlatch extended Doneda’s techniques beyond the ears of European festival attendees early on. Past tours with Nakatani led to the White Stone Black Lamp CD on the vertically integrated Nakatani-Kobo label. It also gets a specialist like Doneda to NakataniGeo-Places™ like Penobscot, Maine. Sorry Penobscot. Know that the nerds from more traditional new music cities query our visiting artists why Orlando appears on the itinerary, too.

Take part in our town’s expanding instant arts community created at each event by appearing willing – described by composer Anthony Braxton as the “friendly experiencer.” A donation bar and gallery walk replaces the Timucua Arts BYOB and live artist this time. We’ll see you there.

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