Jim Ivy’s Tangled Bell

Here is a post from the personal blog of the cm5’s Jim Ivy. He has an ambitious project for the In-Between Series (curated by the cm5’s Pat Greene) at the Gallery at Avalon Island. Check it.

Gallery at Avalon Island
39 S. Magnolia Avenue, Orlando
7:00 pm concert
sliding scale suggested donation,
all ages welcome

Jim Ivy: music

HEADERA quick word to help promote the upcoming show: May 18 at 7pm at The Gallery at Avalon Island. The In-Between Series presents Jim Ivy’s Tangled Bell Ensemble performing Midaregami.

Anna Wallace: voice
Midori Imhoof: japanese voice
Andrew Toth: trumpet
A.J. Herring: trombone
Jim Ivy: composition, reeds
Sarah Morrison: violin
Matthew Davis: cello
Steven Head: guitar
Thomas Milovac: bass
Elizabeth Baker: piano
Nick Boutwell: accordion
Evan Shafran: drums.

Tsutsui_Toshimine-No_Series-Second_Bloom-00038067-050716-F12The main goal of this exploration is to juxtapose seemingly conflicting concepts and approaches, and display them in an aligning way; to show how antagonistic forces and unfamiliarity can create a cooperative friction and become formidable allies. The intent being that all portions of the whole (notated music, text, improvisation) were at once independent of and mutually dependent upon each other; symbiotic. Each being a part and apart simultaneously.

By coordinating loosely written themes that rely on improvisation for story detail…

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