Ashley Paul and Maximino at The Gallery At Avalon Island- Friday, March 21st

Accidental Music Festival, Civic Minded 5 and Timucua Arts Foundation present
Ashley Paul and Maximino
Friday, March 21st, 2014
The Gallery At Avalon Island
39 South Magnolia Avenue, Orlando
7:00 pm, Admission free, donations encouraged, all ages welcome

It took a while to get this opportunity in order. The stars aligned so late for this concert, that the Accidental Music Festival and we at the cm5 dare not even call it a pop-up concert. It’s a pop-off by comparison.

Ashley Paul is creating a reputation for one of the quietest approach to avant-garde music that you may have the opportunity to hear. You recall the avant-garde and it’s entry into the collective consciousness, yeah? Instruments and composer replicating the Machine/Industrial Age, Dada artists loudly replicating the sounds of a new, unbelievably ruinous Great War- also, by the way, popping-off back in the Nineteen-teens. Or you may have recalled the thirty-four minutes that a university professor spent gritting the history of avant-garde music through tightly locked dental uppers and lowers.

Ashley Paul- a little more blue again

Ashley Paul- a little more blue and then

Fewer artists take the quiet path. Songwriters like Jimmy Webb, Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson delivered subtle dissonance with sunbeams and melancholy whipped like cream. What is worth auditioning is when the mathematical intervals are even lesser traveled, narrower or wider and the volume meditative. That is a real cage match. Think of Satie, Cage, Feldman and Theatre Of Eternal Music. That’s our challenge to you. Ashley Paul has operated with more than a modicum of success largely under these metrics. Her electric guitar could pass as a plaintive alternate tuning harp demonstration. Her vocals, of Noble Gas properties, single or double-tracked on each of her four full-length albums since 2008, hover above, below and by the web of ether guitar plectrum. When utilizing the saxophone, root notes and overtones dance similar steps of the strings and voice.

The media shines a light on Ms. Paul. London’s creative music beacon Wire Magazine choose her Line The Clouds in their Top 50 Releases of 2013.  The Pitchfork site did the same in their Best Experimental Sounds of 2013. Her ringing tones have appeared on NPR’s All Songs Considered.

We’ll receive Ashley Paul shortly before a tightly arranged ten date tour of Great Britain and Europe. There’s a theater upstairs at The Gallery at Avalon Island. The seated room is intimate and quirky at once. The Accidental Music Festival front office in Manhattan and the Orlando offices of the cm5 believe that this under-utilized open secret will be a fine pairing for Ashley Paul’s music.

Maximino. If you were a Latin student and try to pick Gerald Perez’ s performance name apart to the root, some creative inferences will ensue. Maximum-minimum works and you could stop there. In addition to the Maximino, Perez is known for his influences and persona being open affairs. Perez is also known for the nstrumental surf rock for Thee Wilt Chamberlin and and the progressive, Spanish-tinged, space-age bachelor folk pop of Levek.

It has been sometime since the last Maximino public performance. When you take it all on as a one-man band as Maximino does, it’s a rubbernecker’s paradise or better, a collective connection amongst performer and audience. Will the subject leave to applause or on a gurney covered in a blanket? Maximino is self-described as psychedelic soul stemming from orchestral minimalism and experimental folk. Perez brings voice, electronics, cello, guitar and sundries to bear in creating serial orchestration. Here a literal Maximino effect can blossom. Like many instances of minimal performance, the looping structures are often inferred as complete by the listener rather than completed by tangible acts.

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