Rivers And Rhythms: A Sam Rivers Radio Retrospective

Here’s another cultural submission from an old friend and Boston émigré Brian Carpenter. Brian was the producer of the Gainesville Jazz Festival and the leader of the jazz ensemble Beat Science during his time in Florida. On one return to our blazing climes, his innovative and entertaining Beat Circus ensemble was presented by the cm5 during a tour for their Ringleader’s Revolt release. To pile on the bona fides, check out Carpenter’s newest recording project- Ghost Train Orchestra- from this NPR’s Fresh Air With Terry Gross interview.

Rivers and Rhythms: A Sam Rivers Retrospective
WZBC 90.3 FM Boston College
The show archive podcasts are available in four parts through Carpenter’s PodOmatic subscription site and iTunes.

Rivbea workshop at Will’s Pub

Hosted and Produced by Brian Carpenter
Co-hosted by Allan Chase and Russ Gershon

Special Guest Interviews:
Barry Altschul, Steven Bernstein, Steve Coleman, Joe Daley, Dave Holland, Doug Mathews, Jason Moran, Julian Priester and Warren Smith

A 3+ hour retrospective on the incredible career of composer, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Rivers, who passed away last December at the age of 88. The first half of the program will cover his time in Boston, his work in the 1960s on seminal Blue Note recordings, and his trio recordings as an integral part of the New York loft scene of the 1970s.The second half of the program will establish Rivers as a major jazz composer, focusing on his compositional work for the Winds of Manhattan and the Rivbea Orchestra.

Hosted by Brian Carpenter, a songwriter, composer, arranger, and radio producer based in Boston. He has produced several radio programs, including The Sound of Horror: Sound Design in Science-Fiction and Horror Films, featuring film sound designers Walter Murch, Craig Henighan, Stephen Barden, and Ren Klyce.

Co-hosted by saxophonist, composer, and educator Allan Chase, former chair of jazz studies at New England Conservatory and current chair of Ear Training department at Berklee College of Music, and saxophonist/composer Russ Gershon, founder of the acclaimed Either/Orchestra in Cambridge.

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