Accidental Music Festival- September 4th- September 13th

Although this came hurtling at us out of low orbit like one of those Project Thor killer tungsten poles, the new music blitzkrieg that is the Accidental Music Festival is worth your admiration, attention, and largess. From this perspective, it happened roughly like this: cm5 member Pat Greene becomes Programming Director of Urban ReThink in May 2011. He starts pitching his legato stream of ideas for the space. Our own Jim Ivy is artist-solicited about booking Jason Kahn/Bryan Eubanks and Emily Hay in Orlando. The former is booked at Urban ReThink, the latter at the Timucua white house. Composer/conductor/musician Christopher Belt approaches Pat Greene about a festival of new music by living, striving composers. Amazingly, these dates 1) don’t conflict with one another and 2) preternaturally knit together in the manner of the resolution of white people problems on HBO’s Entourage (sorry, no link). An off-handed comment of “it sounds like an accidental music festival” is made to Pat Greene. Minutes pass, and Greene, never one to waste good money or time on market surveys or aesthetic wind tunnel testing, mints the Arab Spring of Orlando new music festivals. On with the show, this is it. Support the Accidental Music Festival, as it is tantalizingly close to reaching its August 22nd Kickstarter fundraising goals as of today.

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